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Lund center for Stem Cell Biology and Cell Therapy is one of six Swedish strategic centers of excellence in life sciences, supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Established in January 2003, the center focuses on stem cell and developmental biology of the central nervous and blood systems, and development of stem cell and cell replacement therapies in these organ systems as well as research in non-mammalian model systems.


Lund Stem Cell Center presents: International Young Investigator Symposium 2017: Novel Conceptual Advances in the field of Stem Cell Biology

When: January 19th at 13:00

Where: Belfrage Lecture Hall, BMC D15

Organising committee: Aurélie Baudet, Jenny Hansson, Göran Karlsson, Mattias Magnusson, Claire McKay & Daniel Tornero

Attendance requires registration 

The Division of Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology in association with Lund Stem Cell Center, Medicon Village and Region Skåne presents:

Mini Symposium on the Establishment of ATMP production facility  - insights from the UK

When: January 17th 2017: 13:00 - 17:00

Where: Medicon Village (Scheelevägen 2, Lund) & Kuben (I1345), BMC (Sölvegatan 19, Lund)

Organising committee: Agnete Kirkeby, Malin Parmar, Anders Björklund, Claire McKay, Stefan Scheding 

Attendance requires registration 

Places are limited, therefore registration is on a first-come-first served basis.

Please give a warm welcome to three new master students who have joined our labs at the Stem Cell Center: Klaus Sejdini, Niklas Krauße and Raissa Timmerman.

Klaus has joined the Glioma Cell Therapy group and will be supervised by Tania Ramos Moreno. He will work on his masters project for one year which will focus on Bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells.

klaus cropped
Klaus Sejdini

Niklas is currently attending the Molecular Biosciences Master Program with a focus on Developmental and Stem Cell Biology at the Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany. He will be undertaking a master project for six months in the Yuan lab.

Niklas Krauße

Raissa is a second year Master's student in the Molecular Neuroscience track from the University of Amsterdam. For approximately 8 months, she will be working with Isaac Canals in the Ahlenius group, focusing on Transcription factor programming of pluripotent stem cells to astrocytes for modelling of leukodystrophies.

Raissa Timmerman

Welcome to the Stem Cell Center !

Congratulations to Agnete Kirkeby, Malin Parmar and co-authors on their back-to-back articles published in Cell Stem Cell. The breakthrough results highlight that we are edging closer towards the first ever transplantations of embryonic stem cell derived dopamine neurons in patients with Parkinson's disease.

Carolin Börner

Please welcome Carolin Börner to the Artner group.

Carolin studies Biotechnology at Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg in Germany and will be working on her internship at the Stem Cell Center until February 2017.

Welcome to the Stem Cell Center Carolin!

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