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Lund center for Stem Cell Biology and Cell Therapy is one of six Swedish strategic centers of excellence in life sciences, supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Established in January 2003, the center focuses on stem cell and developmental biology of the central nervous and blood systems, and development of stem cell and cell replacement therapies in these organ systems as well as research in non-mammalian model systems.


Sofie Singbrant Söderberg

The Swedish Society for Medical Research (SSMF) has awarded Sofie Singbrant Söderberg with their big grant for young researchers. The purpose is to allow young promising scientists to start up and establish their own independent research group. The aim of Sofie’s research is to discover novel strategies to increase red blood cell production to treat refractory anemia.

Malin Parmar
Malin Parmar

A major breakthrough in the development of stem cell-derived brain cells has put researchers on a firm path towards the first ever stem cell transplantations in people with Parkinson’s disease. A new study presents the next generation of transplantable dopamine neurons produced from stem cells. These cells carry the same properties as the dopamine neurons found in the human brain.

Cristian Bellodi
Cristian Bellodi

A post-doctoral research fellow position is available in the Stem Cell and RNA Biology laboratory of Cristian Bellodi at the Lund Stem Cell Center. Our group studies the molecular mechanisms by which impairments in key aspects of RNA biology alter gene expression leading to stem cell dysfunction and disease.

Ahlenius Bellodi 2014

Stem Cell Center and StemTherapy researchers Henrik Ahlenius and Cristian Bellodi have received project grants, 6 000 000 SEK, from the Swedish Research Council's distribution of funding for medical research. Ahlenius and Bellodi are both new PI´s in the StemTherapy program. Congratulations!

Scheding and Li

Honghze Li, PhD is the first author of a recent study from the Scheding lab, Lund Stem Cell Center on primary mesenchymal stroma cells (MSC). By utilizing comparative gene expression analysis, Li et al identified novel markers for bone marrow MSC and they were able to define the phenotype of primary MSC (lin-, CD45-, CD271+/CD140alow/-). This key finding will lead to a better characterization of this important cell type in normal and diseased human bone marrow.

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