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Lund center for Stem Cell Biology and Cell Therapy is one of six Swedish strategic centers of excellence in life sciences, supported by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Established in January 2003, the center focuses on stem cell and developmental biology of the central nervous and blood systems, and development of stem cell and cell replacement therapies in these organ systems as well as research in non-mammalian model systems.


Stefan Scheding
Stefan Scheding

"Stem Cell Researcher, Stefan Scheding sees new opportunities to improve therapy in diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke with microvesicles from stem cells processed with help of the new technology platform for now being developed at LTH for medical studies at BMC in Lund."

Zaal Kokaia
Zaal Kokaia

PI Talk March 6, 2014 with  Prof. Zaal Kokaia, Lund Stem Cell Center and StemTherapy, Director Head of Laboratory of Stem Cells & Restorative Neurology
Time: 16:00, Place: GK-salen (close to BMC reception). Snacks and soft drinks will be served 15 min before the Talk.


Karthikeyan Devaraju

Dissertation: Neurogenesis from Neural Stem Cells, Ependymal Cells and Fibroblasts. Mars 21, at 09.00 Karthikeyan Devaraju will defend his thesis in Segerfalksalen, BMC, Lund.

Faculty opponent is Urban Lendahl from Karolinska institute, Stockholm.

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