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Institutionen har c:a 200 universitetsanställda medarbetare och därutöver 75-100 medarbetare som har sin anställning i Region Skåne. Våra viktigaste uppgifter är forskning och forskarutbildning inom de olika laboratoriemedicinska specialiteterna samt utbildning vid läkarprogrammet och biomedicinprogrammet.

Institutionen samverkar nära med motsvarande verksamhetsområden inom sjukvården, d.v.s. Klinisk kemi, Klinisk genetik, Klinisk immunologi och transfusionsmedicin (Blodcentralen Skåne), Arbets- och miljömedicin, Hematologiska kliniken, Klinisk mikrobiologi samt Centrum för klinisk forskning och läkemedelsprövning.

Nyheter & Aktiviteter

The stipend serves to further the research training within a specific research project, within the framework of postdoctoral studies. The applicant will work within the subject area stem cell biology/hematology, and more specifically to understand the development of acute myeloid leukemia. The trainee period serves for the fellow to grasp the molecular principles underlying leukemic transformation, and how this can be addressed via work with experimental animals. Studies will include both theoretical and practical (experimental) tasks.

The purpose of the stipend is to provide continued academic training to researchers who have recently graduated with a PhD degree. The recipient will during six months to two years time further develop molecular biological, biochemical and cell based immunological techniques with a focus on B cell development. The goal is to promote technical, analytical and writing skills, setting the foundation for a career in biomedical research.

Among the many different malignant diseases, tumors of the brain are especially detrimental. Fast progression, infiltrative character and a tendency for relapse that is characteristic for many malignant brain tumor subtypes account for a generally poor prognosis. Despite huge efforts in the field of cancer biology and although the technical equipment and surgical techniques have improved dramatically, only little progress has been achieved in the therapy of brain tumors and for many brain malignancies, treatment remains only palliative.

A postdoc position is open at the Translational Cancer Research at the Department of Laboratory Medicine Lund, Lund University, Sweden, in the group of Medical Molecular Biology under the supervision of Dr. Yvonne Ceder. Research in the group focuses on elucidating the role of microRNA in prostate cancer. 

This scholarship is established to allow for a qualified applicant to improve his/her competence in stem cell biology and leukemia. The fellow should have a PhD in biomedicine, medicine, molecular biology, biotechnology or equivalent with experience and expertise in epigenetics, molecular biology methods such as ChIP and RNA-seq, as well as confocal microscopy. This experience should be documented in the form of published peer-reviewed scientific articles.


Medicinska fakulteten

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