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Specialty training / residency

Specialty training (postgraduate training) or residency in Sweden is composed of hospital services in a subordinate position under full professional responsibility. The training period within the specialty itself and within other relevant fields is in progress during at least five years. Specialty training cannot be commenced until full registration as a Swedish medical practitioner has been achieved.

Thus, a foreign medical graduate must be fully registered in Sweden and consequently the above restrictions concerning the complementary training required will be applicable. In Sweden, the continued clinical training of medical doctors towards specialist competence is the responsibility of the public health authorities, i.e. the county councils and the major cities, not the universities. Consequently, there are no courses at the faculty of medicine leading to a speciality degree.

Postgraduate training in terms of internship is subject to the above restrictions as well.

In order to apply for a specialty degree applicant need to contact the National Board of Health and Welfare

In order to obtain a Swedish MD, students take the AT-test.  If you have a foreign basic degree you need to sit for the TEUS or TULE tests. TEUS is a test for international physiotherapists qualified outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland. The TULE test is a medical exam for international medical doctors qualified outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.

When you have passed the TULE test and Swedish language request you may contact the hospital for placement on: sus@skane.se

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