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Developmental and Regenerative Neurobiology


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My group works with translational stem cell biology. The focus of my research is to understand cell fate specification in the developing brain and in human neural progenitor cells using cell-based models of neuronal differentiation. Our current focus is to learn how to direct and efficiently drive controlled differentiation of human stem cells into subtype-specific neurons. We also develop technologies for direct conversion of human fibroblasts into functional and subtype-specific neurons in vitro, and the conversion of endogenous glia into neurons in vivo.
The ultimate aim is to develop these cells and technologies for use in brain repair, with focus on Parkinson’s disease.


2016-04-26. Are you interested in our work and would like to join as a PhD student?
Please click on the following link to find out more about an open position in our group.

2016-03-09. We are very excited about participating in Unistem Day 2016! Here Andreas Heuer from our group preparing for his workshop "Behavioural assessment of neural stem cell transplants – from animal models to functional assessment".


Congratulations to Daniella Rylander Ottosson who has been awarded a 500.000 SEK grant from the Parkinson Research Foundation!


With Mats Heiman, the founder of the Parkinson Research Foundation.

2015-11-02. Lund University's installation ceremony was held on October 16th, 2015, at which new professors, were officially presented, among them Prof. Malin Parmar.
På svenska: läs mer om Malin Parmars forskning här.


malin installation

2015-10-21. Malin Parmar, Agnete Kirkeby, Roger Barker and Danielle Daft visit the MHRA One Stop Shop to find out more about regulations of bringing hESCS towards use in clinic.

mhra one stop shop malin 201510
mhra one stop shop agnete 201510

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