Master's Programme in Sport Sciences

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Master's Programme in Sport Sciences

Master's Programme in Sport Sciences - specialisation in sports medicine or sport psychology, 120 ECTS 

The Faculty of Medicine is hosting a two-year Master's programme in Sport Sciences.

The programme is interdisciplinary in nature and aims to provide qualified leadership skills in the area of sports. It includes second cycle courses in fields such as sports medicine, sport psychology, sport sociology, biomechanics, nutrition, organisation, leadership and ethical issues. Particular focus is placed on advanced in-depth study of sports medicine and sport psychology. An important aspect of the programme is close contact with future employers and work environments through internships.
As a graduate, there are extensive sports related job opportunities. Future careers include positions in both the public and private sectors. In addition, the programme prepares for PhD-studies and an academic career.

Interview with students at the Master's Programme in Sport Sciences

New Management

As of 1 January 2014 the Programme Director Erwin Apitzsch will be succeeded by Sofia Bunke. Starting 1 January 2014, all correspondence should be sent to (general information about the programme and sport psychology), and to (information about sports medicine). 


Autumn 2014

The Faculty of Medicine at Lund University has decided not to accept new sport science students for autumn 2014, exception is made for Erasmus Mundus students. Students currently studying at the programme will not be affected.

Erasmus Mundus

The European Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology (EMSEP) is a new Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme 



Picture from Gerdahallen 

For general questions about the programme, please contact:

Sport psychology (Programme Director): 
Sofia Bunke 
Phone: +46462221537 

Sports medicine (Programme Coordinator): 
Anna-Maria Drake
Phone: +46462228956 

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