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At Lund University we offer excellent research infrastructure to support research in medicine, biology and biomedical engineering. With the help of various forms of bioimaging, mass spectrometry, synchrotron light, protein production & labelling, and bioinformatics, our facilities provide the opportunity to study protein structure, molecular probes and drug design, system biology and molecular interactions in cells and tissues. Here you can see some examples of the infrastructure available for researchers at Lund University.

Below the infrastructures are divided into four categories:

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lbic spect ct raattnjure
Imaging with SPECT CT at Lund University Bioimaging Center (LBIC) of a Rat Kidney

Includes f. ex. Lund University Bioimaging Center (LBIC), MedMAX and other imaging beam lines at MAX IV, Image Core Facility, Two-photon microscopy


lp3 image
X-ray structure (left). Neutron density map of the lactose bound to galectin-3 (right).

Includes f. ex. Center of Excellence in Biological and Medical Mass Spectrometry (CEBMMS), Lund Protein Production Facility (LP3), Biacore

Genes and cells

aav vector platform
Eukaryotic cells are grown and transfected with genes for subsequent analysis of disease mechanisms.

Includes f. ex. Cellomics and Flow Cytometry Core Facility and Adeno Associated Vector platform.

Other resources

morelife 210
MoReLife promotes technology and infrastructure coordination and development in Life Science.

Includes f. ex. Molecular Recognition in Life (MoReLife), Health Science Lab, the Scania Metadatabase for Epidemiology


MedMAX a future part of the MAX IV Laboratory

LBIC - Lund University Bioimaging Center

Image Core facility



CLEM at IQ Biotechnology Platform


CEBMMS - Center of Excellence in Biological and Medical Mass Spectrometry

LP3 - Lund Protein Production Platform

Biacore X100- Surface Plasmon Resonance

MESO QuickPlex at MultiPark Platform

Genes & cells

Cellomics platform

FACS platform

AAV Vector Lab

Other resources

Health Sciences Lab


Scania Metadatabase for Epidemiology 

Epihealth Cohort Study

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Thanks to our world class research infrastructure, Lund University is well equipped to help lead the way towards future scientific breakthroughs. Your imagination is the only limit to what can be done.

Watch a video about our infrastructure

Watch a video about our infrastructure

Watch a video about our infrastructure

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