Master's Programme in Public Health

Faculty of Medicine | Lund University


Natalie - after graduation

The LUND MPH program has been a critical element to my career development. Having a Masters in Public Health changes significantly the level of career opportunity available. Without having completed a master degree I would not have the necessary qualifications to be considered for my current employment.

The Global Fund is an extremely diverse organization that represents individuals from all over the globe. The international nature of the Lund MPH program prepared me for working not only in team but in international team. The importance of understanding and managing cross culture collaboration is critical for my current position both within my organization but also when dealing with our in country partners, who we are in contact with on a daily basis.

In addition, the module design of the program allowed me to use the interim time to undertake internships and contract work. These greatly enriched my experience and knowledge. They also provided me the opportunity to meet people within the field, which opened career possibilities upon degree completion.

My current position requires that I have a broad understanding of a large amount of topics. For example, I need to understand the basics of HIV, TB and malaria including epidemiology, prevention and testing strategies and disease progression. In addition, I need to have a strong understanding of the wider societal consequences of the diseases and programs, for example, the greater impacts on vulnerable groups. As my role deals with large programmatic plans and budgets I also apply tools that are ubiquitous in the field, like the logical framework analysis, and work with them every day. The program provided me with these tools.

Natalie Cartwright




 Programme Officer, 
 The Global Fund to Fight AIDS,  
 Tuberculosis and Malaria 

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