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Printouts and photocopy credits

Photocopying and printing are connected to the student account. New machines have been installed in the entire faculty – same system and same prices everywhere!

You can print and copy in colour, sort and staple, as well as scan and send files by email. There are instructions by each machine that will show you how to get started.


You log on to the copy machines using your student account. Remember to log out as well! 

You can print out as usual from the computers.

If you would like to print in colour you can select colour printer instead of the default printer.

What does it cost? 

Printouts and copies cost 0.6 SEK per page

Colour printouts cost 2 SEK per page

Scanning and sending documents as files is free and does not require a login

How do I know how many credits I have left? 

On the computer: you can see how many credits you have left by placing the mouse over the dollar sign ($) in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

On the copy machines you log in with your student account and then press “Print”. At the top of the screen you will see “Balance” = number of credits in your account.

How do I add credits to my account?

You can buy credits in cash at the libraries in HSC, BMC and CRC and also in the receptions.

You can also buy credits in cash photocopying/printing at the library information desks or the reception desk at HSC and BMC.

Where can I print out double-sided? 

You can print out double-sided documents on the following printers:

 In the computer room – only open during teaching hours

 Both printers automatically print out double-sided


 Study areas on 2nd floor
 Library printer

 SUS Lund
 Library printer


Reporting problems

Printer or computer not working? Please let us know by sending an e-mail:

Add printout credits

You can buy credits in cash at the libraries in HSC, BMC and CRC and also in the receptions.

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