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About the Department

The Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö is one of six departments at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University.

We strive to help improve the lives and health of the population through research and education. Our research is broad and incorporates many different fields within medicine.

Some research groups strive to solve problems using techniques from molecular medicine. Others conduct clinical research at the point of care or public health and epidemiology research.

We also contribute to two study programmes offered by Lund University in Malmö: the Master’s programme in Public Health and parts of the programme in Medicine.

The Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö is part of the Clinical Research Centre (CRC), one of northern Europe’s most modern research centres, and is integrated with Skåne University Hospital in central Malmö. Research groups which have a lot of contact with patients often work at the hospital’s various clinics.

Some of the research is conducted as part of the Lund University Diabetes Centre (LUDC), one of the world’s foremost centres for diabetes research.

The department works in close collaboration with Region Skåne, which is responsible for health care in Skåne. Somatic, psychiatric and primary care are all important parts of the collaboration.

The Department of Clinical Sciences in Malmö and Lund University are also part of Medical Malmö, a network that promotes the growth of medical research, education and enterprise in central Malmö.

From a European and international perspective, we participate in a number of initiatives with researchers in other countries, including within the context of membership of the EU.

The department in figures (1 july 2015):

50 research groups
300 staff
50 professors (among these 6 adjunct professors, 2 visiting professors and 7 senior professors)
around 330 doctoral students
66 postdoctoral fellows (employed)* and 8 postdoc scholarship fellows

36 theses (2014)
841 journal articles (2014)

Turnover of SEK 344 million (2014)
(of which research SEK 294 million, first- and second-cycle education SEK 50 million)

SEK 326 million in funding (2014)
(of which research SEK 279 million, first- and second-cycle education SEK 46 million)

*this figure also contains related kinds of employment, e.g. laboratory researcher and assistant researcher


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