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Peter M Nilsson 
Koordinator EpiHealth
Professor i klinisk kardiovaskulär forskning, LU
Tel +46 40 33 24 15

peter nilsson

Peter M Nilsson is a Professor of Clinical Cardiovascular Research and leading a research group in internal medicine. One main focus is research on the pathophysiology and epidemiology of early vascular ageing (EVA), another focus is on the complications of type 2 diabetes in relation to cardiovascular risk factors. Since 2009 he is the leader of EpiHealth, linking epidemiologists at the Lund and Uppsala universities.

Sölve Elmståhl 
Professor i geriatrik, LU, samt ansvarig för EpiHealths screeningkohort
Tel +46 40 39 13 20

soelve elmstaahl

Sölve Elmståhl is a Professor of Geriatric Medicine and leader of the research group at the Division of Geriatric Medicine. Main focus are research on epidemiological perspective on ageing and functioning, especially vascular risk factors and cognition and osteoporosis. He is the PI of the ongoing longitudinal cohort study Good Ageing in SKåne (GÅS) part of Swedish National study on Ageing and Care (SNAC) and the cohort study "Men born 1914",  http://www.guc.umas.se/ , and since 2009 coordinating the EpiHealth cohort study in Skåne.

Maria Albin 
Docent, överläkare vid Inst för laboratoriemedicin, LU
Tel +46 46 17 31 59

maria albin

Maria Albin is associate professor with the Section of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Department of Laboratory Medicine, and also Senior consultant at Skåne University Hospital. She coordinates the excellence centre METALUND http://www.metalund.lu.se/ , a collaboration with Ergonomics and Aerosol technology at Lund Institute of Technology, focused on the effects of different environmental factors on diseases and disorders of major concern for public health. She also chairs the board of the Work Environment College at Lund University. Her research interests are directed towards occupational epidemiology, at the crossroads with toxicology, and towards environmental epidemiology (traffic noise, airways disease, green environments).

Lars Lind 
Professor vid Inst för medicinska vetenskaper, UU
Tel +46 (0)730 50 28 78

lars lind

Lars Lind, Professor of Medicine at Uppsala University. Research area is cardiovascular epidemiology. Currently working with the ULSAM, PIVUS (www.medsci.uu.se/pivus/pivus.htm) and POEM cohorts. Initiator of the EpiHealth cohort study (www.epihealth.se). Tutor for 24 PhD students and has published >350 research papers.

Marju Orho-Melander 
Professor i Diabetes och kardiovaskulär sjukdom - genetisk epidemiologi, LU
Tel + 46 40 39 12 10

marju orho melander

Born 5th December 1966 in Joensuu Finland, married to Olle Melander, 2 children.Professor of genetic epidemiology, Lund University, 2010-
Swedish Research Council Senior Researcher (VR forskartjänst, medicine) 2010-
Senior Lecturer ("Universitetslektor") in medical sciences, Lund University 2008-
Associate professor ("docent") of experimental endocrinology, Lund University, 2004-
PhD in experimental endocrinology, Lund University, 1999.
Master of Science ("Fil Mag"), biochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland, 1995.
Selected Prizes/Awards: Fernström young scientist prize at Lund University 2010.
5 selected publications: 1) Teslovich et al. Nature 466: 707-713, 2010; 2) Musunuru et al. Nature 466: 714-719, 2010; 3) Orho-Melander et al. Diabetes, 57: 3112-21, 2008; 4) Kathiresan et al. N Engl J Med 358:1240-9, 2008; 5) Kathiresan et al. Nat Genet 40:189-97, 2008.

Nicola Giuseppe Giordano 
Doktorand LU, studeranderepresentant för EpiHealth. IKVM SUS, CRC Malmö

nicola giordano

Born in Rome, Italy in 1971, Giuseppe ‘Nick’ Giordano was educated in England as a general dental practitioner. He travelled the world extensively for fifteen years with his profession until finally settling down with his partner Erika in Sweden in 2007. Having completed a two year Masters course in Public Health, Nick continued along the academic path by starting a PhD in 2009. He currently researches a contextual phenomenon known as ‘social capital’ and health outcomes and behaviours. He is also the Lund students’ representative of ‘Epihealth’.
Publications include:
Giordano et al. Soc Sci Med. 2011 - In press. Giordano et al. Eur J Public Health – 2010 – In press.
Giordano et al. Soc Sci Med. 2010;70(5):700-10.
Lazarus et al. HIV Medicine. 2008;9(6)327-328.

Bengt Jeppsson 
Professor och forskargruppschef vid enheten för kirurgi, SUS Malmö
Tel: +46 40 33 37 60

bild bengt jeppsson

Bengt Jeppsson is professor of surgery since 1996 and senior consultant at the surgical department in Malmö. He is at present assistant dean of the Medical Faculty. The clinical and research interest of him concern inflammation and tumorigenesis in colon and rectum. His research has mainly been focused on the bacterial-epithelial interaction in colon.

Karl Michaelsson 
Docent Uppsala kliniska forskningscenter (UCR)
Tel +46 18-611 71 01

karl michaelsson

Professor in Medical Epidemiology and Senior Consultant in Orthopaedics at Department of Surgical Sciences at Uppsala University. Presently, I have a senior research position funded from the Swedish Research Council (VR) with workplace at Uppsala Clinical Research Center (www.ucr.uu.se). My main research interest is osteoporotic fractures but I also investigate other musculoskeletal disorders and mortality as outcomes. I have performed studies on diet, vitamins, physical activity and genes with case-control and cohort analysis, including time-dependent exposures and different twin designs. Involved in building Lifegene (headed the musculo-skeletal research group and member of Lifegene’s Executive committee), responsible for an epidemiology network in Uppsala (http://www.ucr.uu.se/epinet ) and a national osteoporosis network (http://www.ucr.uu.se/osteoporosnet ).

Ingemar Petersson 
Docent, forskningshandledare vid IKVL, Ortopedi, Lund (MORSE) Region Skåne representant
Mobil +46 (0)70-57 622 00
Tel +46 (0)46 17 58 05

ingemar petersson

Ingemar F Peterson received an MD from Lund University Medical School in 1980. He performed a residency in Family Medicine in Halmstad Sweden and then in Rheumatology at Spenshult Hospital and Lund University Hospital., followed by a PhD at Lund University in 1997. Dr Petersson is currently associate professor in rheumatology at Lund University Hospital and research director at the MORSE (MuskulOskeletal Research center in southern SwEden, www.morse.nu ) Center in Lund as well as Coordinator at the TIM (Tissues In Motion) program of the Medical Faculty, Lund http://www.med.lu.se/tissuesinmotion 
Dr Petersson has authored and co-authored more than 75 publications in international peer reviewed journals. He continues research in outcomes, team care and rehabilitation in rheumatic and other musculoskeletal diseases as well as studying the consequences and treatment of RA as well as diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic approaches to OA. Furthermore, he expands epidemiological and health services research and research in insurance medicine in arthritides on a national and transnational level in Sweden and Europe. He serves as an expert for the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) and the Departments of Health in UK and in Sweden.

Niklas Ericsson 
Studeranderepresentant, UU


Johan Sundström
Docent vid Inst för medicinska vetenskaper, Akademiska sjukhuset i Uppsala.
Mobil +46 (0)70-422 52 20
Tel +46 (0)18-611 98 89

johan sundstroem

Johan Sundström is an associate professor of cardiovascular epidemiology, focusing on researching hypertension-related disease in longitudinal study designs. After completion of his PhD thesis in 2001, he was a research fellow at the Framingham Heart Study in 2002-2003. He currently leads a research group with a handful of PhD and MD students, and is a course leader for methodological courses compulsory for all PhD students of Uppsala University Medical Faculty, as well as co-course leader for an epidemiology course for PhD students. In addition to his engagement in EpiHealth, he is the coordinator of the cardiovascular research group in BBMRI.SE and national coordinator for a large clinical trial in hypertension, APOLLO. In addition to his research activities, he works half-time as a physician. Initiator of the Epihealth project Metahealth, a research infrastructure for individual participant data meta-analysis of cohort studies, aimed at studying risk factors for uncommon diseases.

Paul Franks
Professor i genetisk epidemiologi vid IKVM, Clinical Research Center, SUS Malmö, LU. Representant från EXODIAB.
Tel: +46 (0)40 39 11 49

paul franks

Paul Franks' research focuses on elucidating the interactions of genetic and lifestyle factors in the etiology of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease and translating this information into the preventive setting. He obtained a masters degree in epidemiology and biostatistics (2000) and a PhD in genetic epidemiology (2003) from the Institute of Public Health, University of Cambridge. Dr. Franks was awarded an NIH-sponsored post-doctoral fellowship in 2003 to work at the NIDDK epidemiology and clinical research branch in Phoenix, AZ. Whilst at NIDDK, Franks helped establish the Genetics Working Group for the Diabetes Prevention Program. Dr. Franks then moved to Umeå (2006) where he was appointed Associate Professor of Experimental Medicine and head of the Genetic Epidemiology & Clinical Research Group (2006) at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University. In 2009, Dr Franks took sabbatical leave at the Harvard School of Public Health (Boston, MA), hosted by Prof. Frank Hu, where he worked on studies of gene-lifestyle interactions in the Nurses´Health Study and the Health Professionals´ Follow-up Study. In 2010, Dr Franks was appointed Professor of Genetic Epidemiology at Lund University Diabetes Centre in Malmö, Sweden and adjunct Professor of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health; members of his research group are based in Malmö and Boston (http://www.ludc.med.lu.se/research-units/genetic-and-molecular-epidemiology/ ).

Jan Sundquist
Forskningschef och verksamhetschef vid Centrum för primärvårdsforskning (CFP), CRC, SUS Malmö
Tel: +46 (0)40 39 13 78

jan sundquist

Jan Sundquist is a specialist in family medicine as well as community medicine and public health, trained at the Lund University and later at the Umeå University. During 1999-2008 he was professor of general medicine and chair at the Karolinska Institute, Huddinge. Since 2007 he has been consulting Professor of Medicine, Stanford Prevention Research Center, School of Medicine, Stanford University.
At present he is Director, Center for Primary Health Care Research Lund University, a collaborative venture of the Lund University and the Region of Skåne (http://www.med.lu.se/english/cpf). He has supervised five doctorial theses and published more than 200 peer-reviewed papers.
2009–2011. Principal Investigator (PI): The impact of genetic, family environmental, and neighborhood factors on psychiatric and substance use disorders. Swedish Research Council: 2008-3110.
2007–2011, PI: Mothers, Places, and Preterm Birth. The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development: 1R01HD052848-01.
2008–2013, PI: Stockholm Healthy Life: Preventing overweight and illuminating the associations between diet, physical activity, lifestyle, overweight, and health. The Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research: 2007-1754.
2008–2010, PI: The renewal of a deprived neighborhood: Longitudinal effects on social and cultural structure, neighborhood environment, physical activity, and health status. The Swedish Research Council Formas: 2007-1352.
2002–2007, PI: Longitudinal Study of Neighborhood Predictors of CVD. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: 1 R01 HL71084-01.

Karin Källén
Docent i reproduktionsepidemiologi vid Lunds universitet
Tel: +46 (0)46 17 72 94

karin kaellen

Karin Källén is an associate professor of reproduction epidemiology at the University of Lund, and is also a part-time employee at the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen), department of statistics, monitoring and evaluation. The main research areas are maternal drugs during pregnancy and risk for congenital birth defects, risk factors and other aspects of extreme prematurity, and obstetrical interventions in relation to pregnancy outcomes – both perinatal- and long term outcomes. Karin Källén is the data manager of one regional register for quality assessment (Perinatal Reviation South), the data manger of the quality register regarding all in vitro fertilizations in Sweden (Q-IVF), member of the steering committees of two national quality registries for perinatal care (PNQn and PNQo, respectively), and is the main epidemiologist and member of the steering group of the EXPRESS-study group (a national study on extreme prematurity involving merely all Swedish obstetriscians and neonatologists). Furthermore, Karin Källén is responsible for the national surveillance of congenital malformations performed by the National Board of Health and Welfare, and is the Swedish contact person for two international associations for epidemiological research on congenital birth defects (EUROCAT and Clearinghouse for congenital malformations, respectively). 

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