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Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University. Our Faculty offers a wealth of research, postgraduate and undergraduate education programmes in medicine, nursing and health. The Faculty encompasses 2,800 full-time students enrolled in 8 degree programmes, as well as 1200 graduate students and 1800 employees.

We conduct a wide range of research, from experimental to applied, in order to answer questions related to clinical practice, health sciences and society.

Postgraduate education will mould new generations of researchers and teachers in universities and colleges, and provide society with personnel—especially in medical care—who are also skilled researchers.

Education encompasses undergraduate education, postgraduate and continuing education carried out in nine basic programmes within medicine, biomedicine and the health sciences. All of the Faculty's researchers and teachers participate in these core activities.

Increasingly, the university's areas of responsibility also encompass application -referring to activities that are not traditionally considered part of the universities' main tasks, but that build on academic proficiency. For the Faculty of Medicine this mainly involves contributing to developments in the field of healthcare, and facilitating industrial application of new knowledge and research findings.

The university's contact and interaction with the surrounding world, also places demands on the Faculty to actively provide information about its research and development, and to interact with society in other ways as well.

The Faculty of Medicine and Region Skåne interact to strengthen developments in healthcare and clinically focused medical research in the region. The university and the healthcare system strive to work together to formulate new methods to prevent and combat disease. The Faculty educates tomorrow's healthcare personnel and much of this education takes place within the regional medical system.

What is a Faculty?

The Faculty of Medicine is one of eight Faculties or scientific disciplines at Lund University. A Faculty is a block of closely related subjects within a university or a college.

A Faculty has three main tasks: to engage in education and research and to interact with the surrounding society, which is also referred to as “the third task”.

The university is a government body. The duties of universities and Faculties are specified in:



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